Hola Dear! 

My name is Olga Khomenko, but I “love” to confuse people and go by my name and middle name – Olga Fedorovna, or by my stage name Onega. My origins lay in beautiful Kyiv, Ukraine and I still hold to my eastern accent. At seventeen, I landed a contract with Ford modes and moved to NYC where I lived and worked as a fashion model for over 12 years.  I worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Vivien Westwood, Zac Pozen, Jill Stuart, Macy’s Target, Amazon, Yoox, and more. 

I always loved real estate so after years of working I purchased property down in Durham, NC, and finally moved from the Big Apple down south. 

Today, I am on the go living between NYC & Durham, NC. I am available for bookings worldwide. If you are interested in working with me please, contact me for pricing and availability. 



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