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Early Bird Resolution

I have been failing this one badly, really badly, that is why there is a delay in posting this article. I was really hoping that i will get back on truck and will have some good, proud things to say about myself. How I was up every morning on every day of the week at 7:30 AM or at least before 8AM and made my day into actions but it really wasn’t the case, and still quite isn’t but I am trying. The ratio has been about 3:4 which is less than 50% for the early morning.

The month of February turned out to be slower than expected. I had some great editorial gigs (which will be out soon) to do, but being not part of the NY’s Fashion Week (didn’t spend days running in cold) and not quite a showroom model with the size 2 (showroom size is usually 4-6), I have had many days where the “early bird” wake up was only up to me, to my own will. And the “will” told me he doesn’t want to leave the bed when there is no need and it is 23 degree (-5 C) to 18 degree (-8 C) outside.

Most of the days I would be up by 9 AM, but again not leaving my bed till 10 AM, sometimes even 11am, when I would get stuck reading news on the iphone. Some warmer days of February I have woke up around 8 AM and even made few runs outside, though none of this was as consisted as planned. My “determination” alarm would ring at 7:30 AM and get back 10 times to SNOOZE mode. Eventually I changed it to 8:30AM to no longer irritate myself with it. There was many reasons to my slacking, first of all the real lack of motivation. Why I shall be up before 8 AM if I have not a lot to do, and whatever I have to do can be done later. It is too cold (another excuse) to get out of bed, to get out to the street, and again no real good reason for that, I can work out later. Some other reasons were that I could not figure out the best hours to make it happen. Some nights I would go to sleep way too early and lay bright awake by 5 AM desperately trying to fall asleep. And I would eventually, but around 8AM and then not up till 11 AM. Another nights I went to sleep too late in order to wake up at 7:30AM.

The wind blew, the snow fell and I stayed, for the most part, locked in my cosy apartment, and I do not regret this even by a bit, only the missed morning hours. Because I am the most productive only early in the morning, before noon and late at the evening, somewhere after 6 P.M. The afternoon usually a blurry time for me, especially if I have not put myself together before that. Then, I am not ready to act on my day-I am a mess, so the early hours are very crucial to my well being (and if I know this why I am so “will-less”).

There are immense advantages in getting out of bed early, because of many un-expectancies that are associated with being a model such as last minute castings or even work call. Being up early you may enjoy a lovely, not rushed breakfast (this is a great motivator for me). You can do your work out in the morning – I am sure you are saying big “yes!” to this. Honestly, I do prefer to work out in the morning because it means I am done with it for the rest of the day! Evenings are always tempting to socialize with friends (or just get lazy) rather than going to the gym, but of course this depends from the person. You will have enough time to dry hair (after your work out) in the morning, you always need more time when they are long. I, personally, have fine hair type that is very soft and get oily quickly under a hat, for this reason the night wash doesn’t work, it must be washed in the morning. You can take time to put a light make up, even though we know you are beautiful without it. You can spend more time on what to wear and change your mind. Have enough time to have your metro card, phone, ipad, compcards in your bag, and to get back home if you forgot any of that. The list of benefits waking up early is simply endless.

Good news, that in my seclusion I have done a lot more reading and many thanks to my friend in recommending me podcasts and particularly NPR radio. Most recently I have listened to a short story about Roger Babson named “What Goes Up” #605 which I recommend listen to here http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510289/planet-money. For those who doesn’t know who he is (i did not quite knew who he was) and may don’t want to bother listening, he was: once a MIT student, an early 20’s century banker who predicted crash of Wall Street, a founder of a Babson College in Boston, a man who lived till 91 years old despite being diagnosed with tuberculosis and many more (check the audio). So why am I talking about him in my “early bird” post? Well he is also the “father” of Babson Boulder Trail in Dogtown Mass. I found the idea simply great, here is some boulders I really liked :

Babson Boulders

I thought, what would my boulder be? Or if I have had to create one what would I add?
Well, here it is:

get out of the bed boulder

morning love boulder

Nah, this one is too long…Ok last one!

wake up birtch boulder

And of course I meant BABY!

Good luck with your early morning,