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Resolutions 2015

Every year I have many resolutions. Some of them quite though and somewhat unrealistic and others are much more possible. This year one of my many resolutions I have two that are “easy” and that I have been meaning to fix for quite some time.

My first resolution is “Don’t be late”.

I want to make sure I will not be running late to any meetings whether it is a meeting with a friend, going to a casting or my own time frame to be at certain place for convenience. And the most important is not to be late to work! To my defense I can proudly admit that I am almost never late to work. Seldom, I may show up 10 min late, but in general I am right on time. However, I fall behind many other occasions to be on time, and especially in regard to castings. Thus, the resolution of this year is to come as early as I can to my appointments or not later than 30 min till they end. This means that if I have a window between 1 and 3pm to make an appointment I shall be there no later than by 2:30pm. The idea is nice but “how do I make it happen?” was my first question to myself. The second question I asked was “why do I run late?”

I start from the later question. The thing is it takes quite some time to get ready for castings and then I am one of those people who is guilty of procrastination pleasure. I have noticed that my procrastination always grew longer before the castings. I would often end up doing something at home, things like washing dishes or looking for something obsessively that could be done in any other time, just to not leave my place. The truth is – castings often can be a frustrating experience and eventually I realized that all this was a “play of my mind” that would do anything else but not to leave my apartment and deal with the pressure of castings. One really has to be in the “right mood” to go and meet the clients. Thus, I decided to fallow some simple truths and come up with the 3 key tricks to have a “better time with castings” and “don’t be late”.

“Better Time with Castings” – tricks

1. Always check your castings at the evening for the day ahead. If there is none, check in around 10-11am.

Knowing your castings an evening before gives you better idea what to wear and what kind of clients you will meet, so you can prepare mentally. Give yourself few outfit options just in case you wake up in the morning and not feeling like wearing one, you may feel for the other. It will safe a lot of time. For example when I am not prepared, I often find myself caught in front of my closet contemplating what to wear, it can take up to 30 min of ones time.

2. Check the weather a night before or at least in the morning.

For me personally it is one of the most important factors too. Us, models are always on the run and you may end up running in the city entire day with no chance to come back home and change so it is bets to plan it thoroughly. It will help you to figure out your outfit as well.

3. Have a good sleep and give yourself few hours to get ready to your appointments.

You don’t want to wake up and feel, think that you look tiered. Notice that your hair is not clean and there is no time to wash them and dry. It will make you not wanting to go to your appointments, and as a consequence you will procrastinate and beĀ late.

4. Remember cab is not always a solution.

Often if I know I am going to run late I think, oh I just take a cab, but only if it is an option. You must remember that cab often can take longer then a train especially if you are going cross town. Plus, I never really spend any of my “cab money” on the castings. Reserve cab for going to work, as I call it a “pay for a pay” (which means you are finally doing job that is paying you so you can pay and deduct it from your salary, in your head).

This month is coming to the end and to flatter myself I can say that I have not been late so far, except few moments. Couple of times I was about to run badly late to work but cab was my solution so I came right on time. However, i want slightly push myself and not just to be on time but come 5 -10 min early to work. Thus that is what I am working on.

I will post the “Early Bird” resolution in the part 2 of this article in the month of February.

Good luck with you castings,