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Spot Me Studio

Finally months of work came to fruition and Spot Me Studio is up online and running.

My modernized Hawaiian shirt is available for purchase and its name – Aloha Shirt!

Aloha Shirt is 100% light weight cotton, has a slim fit, and it is designed to fit both men and women. In other words the shirt is genderless!:) I dropped the pocked to make the look more clean. Hope you will enjoy it.

See full collection here

All photography done by super talented Mariya Wai. Find her @Mariyawaiphotography

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Hair for Harper’s



Everything you need to bring dull, dehydrated hair back to life.

In the quest for the perfect highlights, waves, even just a blowout, our hair takes a beating. Over time, the result of all that wear and tear is parched, lackluster hair that breaks easily and is begging for hydration. Enter your complete guide to reviving overwrought hair, or as we like to think of it, “hair therapy.”

An inspiring talk “Fake it until you…”

Recently, my good friend shared with me, for which I am immensely obliged, this TED talk. The sharing coincided with my earlier thinking and examining of a phrase “fake it until you make it”. I was thinking of my job being a model, or an actor and of many other life situations when you have to convince others and make them believe in yourself, your ideas etc. I was never the biggest fun of that phrase, but believed that there was some sense in it, yet it was missing a better “spin”, composition of the words. In Amy Cuddy’s “Power Posing” talk the phrase is excellently re-phrased and thus re-born into, in my opinion, a much better version of the old one. I could not state it any better.