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I want to to dedicate my writings to all the young and aspiring models that come to live to NYC and not only. I hope my scribbles will help you in your carrier and avoid the underwater stones of NYC, and if not avoid, at least to be aware of them. Most of my writing will come from my own experience and experience of friends models I have met through my carrier. I will as best as I can avoid an improper language, because I want you mom to be my friend too (for this I know you may “hate” me), and read my posts and maybe even pointing out some of them to you occasionally. Because I believe it is important for parents to be informed about their daughters careers too, since so many of us (including parents) have one idea how thing will turned out “ I am going to become a super model and make all the wealth in my life before I am 25”, or “my daughter is going to become a super model and make her/us wealthy before she is 25” . At this moment I must disappoint you and tell you that it is not always the case, however, it doesn’t mean it cannot become a great career and an amazing experience for a decade or maybe even more. It will all depend from you and how you treat it, and as any work you better treat it with respect honey, it will last longer.

Sincerely yours,



This is where all this begun, on the top of the bunk bed in NYC.

Summer 2001