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October outfit pick.

Loved this Alexander Wang look from my recent shot for Shopbop! I’m particularly obsessed with this jeans.Their fit is so far my favorite fit I tried in years. The waist is not too high and not too low. Perfect length and perfect not stretchy, no lycra, true cotton. Love the classic light blue color. It is a bit reminiscent of mom’s jeans but remodeled/restyled for the cool daughter. In short CAN’T WAIT TO WEAR THEM! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


Winter Work Out Drills or Backlash on Winter’s Stall.

I enjoy working out a lot, it helps me not just stay in shape but also obtain a positive energy which is really a must in NYC. Unfortunately winter is my “soft spot” time, and I often lack on being consistent. Sometimes I may avoid working out for weeks (to stay sane I don’t recommend you to do this), but whenever I do I am always trying to get the most out of my work outs. Swimming is one of my favorite ways to exercise, but a dry land work out can be no less fun and easier to manage during winter time. I love to do lots of aerobic (cardio) exercises with low weights. Here are the images of some of my gym drills.

Have Fun,


Bachelor 2013 try video.

Last spiring I was single and got an idea to try for Bachelor Show. Funny enough I have never really watched the show myself, however, my ex boss (also a friend& mentor) did and he talked a great deal about it, so I thought if I get in we both will have a good laugh. Thus, I ask my another friend who is a model as well and fond of videos, shoot the idea for me. This video is a living testimony that models can cook, shoot and edit videos. The application on the shirt I am wearing I made myself as well; it is a take off from the Comme des Garcon’s hart…